Who Made Whom?

“In the beginning God created heaven and the earth” (Gen. 1:1), and in 1859 Darwin created the never ending debate between Creationists and Evolutionists (Campbell 261). However, the argument over the origins of life on this planet is much older. Around “2500 years ago” in Greece, the philosophers Anaximander and Aristotle each had their own … More Who Made Whom?

Learning From The Dead

Introduction             Today most people give little thought to their loved ones being exhumed, and their culture being inferred from a few skeletal remains and grave goods. They believe, as their ancestors probably did, that once an individual is buried, no one should, or will, intentionally disturb his or her grave. Therefore, it is not … More Learning From The Dead


Although a number of locations are inhabited by ghosts, it is often the living who unknowingly attract such entities to these areas.  It is currently believed that everyone possesses a degree of psychic ability; thus, some people are naturally predisposed to a higher level of skill in this department.  Just as some people are natural … More Meditation


Smudging is burning herbs, generally bundled sticks made up of various herbs, to purify, heal, bless, renew energy, and cleanse negative energy from spaces, objects, and people.  Smudging might also help if you are feeling ill, depressed, angry, or resentful; after an argument; or if you feel a negative presence or entities in your home, … More HOW TO SMUDGE

The Ouija Board – Satan’s Speak & Spell or an Old Fashioned Ovilus?

Before I start my rant, I should probably explain what an Ovilus is so my comparison of it to an Ouija/Spirit board makes some sense; at least I hope it does.  Basically, an Ovilus is a mechanical device (created and sold by Bill Chappell) that allows ghosts, etc. to change the electromagnetic frequencies, temperature, etc. … More The Ouija Board – Satan’s Speak & Spell or an Old Fashioned Ovilus?